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Every human being has this desire deep down his heart to be connected with nature. We call it biophilia. With the present stressful lifestyle that we are living now, it has become more important for us to be in touch with nature. To be surrounded oneself in natural surroundings with uplifting beauty, nature has a very therapeutic effect on our mind, body and soul. That’s why it’s call time spend in nature is not time spend, instead time invested. Nature enhances our mood, calms our mind, boosts our positive energy. Suffering attention deficit disorder, maybe it’s because of nature deficit disorder. There’s no wifi in the forest but I promise you will find a better connection, with you.

It’s like you are entering a stress free zone and you can recharge your energetic spirit which needs some refreshment. You will realize that the nature has the power to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul and helps you to declutter your mind. You will realize that your brain has sufficient oxygen, and lush greenery gives a break for your eyes which is always in front of computer.

Nature has this healing effect which helps to reduce our stress, reduces our blood pressure, relaxes us, helps us to flow creative juices flowing. At the end of the day, how can you think outside of the box,when you work inside the box. If we are running out of juice in life, Walking in the forest helps us to revitalize ourselves, ignite our inspiration and enhance our perspectives.
That’s why walking in nature is so important to reboot ourselves. It’s so normal that while working in big cities we have that sensory overload and digital toxification and we get contaminated with retardness which ultimately reduces our productivity. Walking in nature helps to recharge our batteries and add that sparkle in life.There has been very interesting research about how Walking in the forest reduces stress in life. We call it Nature therapy. We know that you are a dreamer and the power of nature can give you some inspirational ideas and thinking for you.

Nagarkot offers lots of great outdoors with bird watching eco trail as well where we can have an opportunity to observe the different types of birds and their beautiful music in nature for nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, green travellers.

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