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Nagarkot Hotels

Nagarkot, being a popular tourist destination near Kathmandu, offers a range of hotels and resorts catering to various budgets. Keep in mind that the availability and status of hotels may change, so it’s always a good idea to check the latest reviews and availability on booking platforms. Here are some hotels in Nagarkot that were well-regarded:

  1. Club Himalaya, by ACE Hotels:
    • A luxurious option with stunning panoramic views.
    • Facilities include a spa, wellness center, and a heated swimming pool.
    • Address: Windy Hills, Nagarkot, Nepal.
  2. Hotel Mystic Mountain:
    • Offers comfortable accommodation with modern amenities.
    • A restaurant serving a variety of cuisines.
    • Address: Nagarkot, Nepal.
  3. The Fort Resort:
    • Known for its tranquil location and excellent mountain views.
    • Offers a range of rooms, including cottages and suites.
    • Address: Nagarkot, Nepal.
  4. Hotel Country Villa:
    • Nestled amidst nature, offering a peaceful setting.
    • Well-appointed rooms and a restaurant serving local and international dishes.
    • Address: Nagarkot, Nepal.
  5. Niva Niwa Lodge:
    • A more budget-friendly option with comfortable rooms.
    • Located close to Nagarkot View Tower.
    • Address: Nagarkot, Nepal.
  6. Peaceful Cottage & Café du Mont:
    • Known for its serene ambiance and beautiful gardens.
    • Offers cozy cottages and a café with mountain views.
    • Address: Nagarkot, Nepal.
  7. Hotel View Point:
    • Budget-friendly accommodation with basic amenities.
    • Located conveniently for exploring Nagarkot.
    • Address: Nagarkot, Nepal.
  8. Nagarkot Organic Village Resort:
    • Focuses on providing an organic and eco-friendly experience.
    • Offers cottages with views of the Himalayas.
    • Address: Nagarkot, Nepal.
  9. Hotel Himalayan Villa:
    • A mid-range option with comfortable rooms.
    • Close to popular viewpoints in Nagarkot.
    • Address: Nagarkot, Nepal.
  10. Nagarkot Bed & Breakfast:
    • A family-run bed and breakfast with a homely atmosphere.
    • Provides a personalized experience for guests.
    • Address: Nagarkot, Nepal.

Before making any reservations, it’s recommended to check recent reviews on OTA sites to ensure the most up-to-date information on amenities, services, and guest experiences. Additionally, contacting the hotels directly or through their official websites can provide you with accurate information regarding room availability and any special offers. Keep in mind that preferences and needs vary, so choose a hotel that aligns with your preferences and budget for a more enjoyable stay in Nagarkot.